Teaching Award Nomination

All tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible for the Clarence Simon Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring. Tenured and tenure-track faculty and lecturers are eligible for the Galbut Outstanding Faculty Award. The Simon Award won't be granted to a faculty member who has won the same award within the past five years. Preference for the Galbut Award will be given to faculty who have not won in the past three years. The following are the past winners of the Simon and Galbut awards:

  Clarence Simon Award
Division I
Theatre-including dance and performance studies
Clarence Simon Award
Division II 
Communication Studies and Radio/TV/Film
Clarence Simon Award
Division III
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Galbut Outstanding Faculty Award Winners


2006       Kathleen Galvin
2007 Susan Lee Dave Tolchinsky Beverly Wright Angela G.Ray
2008 Amanda Dehnert Elaine Wong Viorica Marian David H. Bell
2009 Harvey Young Eric Patrick Jerilyn Logemann Carol Simpson Stern
2010 Daniel Cantor Debra Tolchinsky Steven Zecker Daniel O'Keefe
2011 Cindy Gold Irv Rein Charles Larson Mary Zimmerman
2012 Michael Rohd Janice Radway Amy Booth Erik Gernand
2013 Henry Godinez Zayd Dohrn Sumitrajit Dhar Paul Leonardi
2014 Joshua Chambers-Letson James Webster Jonathan Siegel Rives Collins
2015 Dassia Posner Ozge Samanci Jason Tait Sanchez Eszter Hargittai
2016 Paul Edwards Thomas Bradshaw Megan Roberts Barbara Butts
2017 Rives Collins Darren Gergle Beverly Wright Miriam Petty
2018 Elizabeth Son Anne Marie Piper Molly Losh Brett Neveu

This form may be used to nominate faculty for the Galbut and/or Clarence Simon Awards. The Deadline for Nominations is February 5th, 2019. The awards committee will select the recipients, and the award will be presented at the School of Communication Honors Convocation in May. 

I wish to nominate
The Galbut Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award
This cash award is named after the Galbut family, who generously donated funds to make the award possible. Martin Galbut was a Clarion de Witt Hardy scholar and founder of Orgy of the Arts. The award is presented to a faculty member who is outstanding in his or her teaching and in his or her efforts to engage students both inside and outside the classroom.
The Clarence Simon Award
This award recognizes outstanding teachers within the School of Communication. Up to three faculty members (one from each division of the School (Theatre and Performance Studies; Radio-Television-Film and Communication Studies; and Communication Sciences and Disorders) will be honored. Each award recipient will be given a commemorative gift and a monetary award.

Please comment on the nominee’s excellence in teaching and mentoring undergraduate students both inside and outside of the classroom. Suggested length is 300-500 words. You may consider speaking to the nominee’s:

  • Effectiveness as a teacher and mentor, especially as reflected in student achievement.
  • Willingness to mentor students as individuals via out of class projects, student research projects, independent studies, and co-curricular activities.
  • Dedication to students and their development as artists, scholars, scientists, clinicians, and/or human beings.
  • Exemplification of the SoC’s ideals of professionalism, art, and scholarship in the practice of teaching.
Nominator Information